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What are your responsibilities as a home/pet owner?

Besides loving on your fur baby, you can help us do our best work by following these suggestions.

We do our best work in a well maintained yard. We always try our best, but long grass makes it challenging to find all the waste. Clean up fallen leaves as soon as possible so that it is not covering waste or providing camouflage to waste on top.

Make sure gates are unlocked or provide access for us when they are.

We love working along side friendly dogs, but if your puppy gets grumpy when non-family members are in their yard, please keep them in the house (where they can yell at us all they want) until we complete our job. We will send you a text when on the way and when we are done so you will know when we are there.

What does your "all inclusive" pricing include?

Our pricing includes cleaning up all waste in your designated areas, removal of waste from your property and disposal at our facility, and notification of any health concerns related to your dogs waste. There are never any additional taxes or surcharges. You only pay your quoted rate each month. We are not in the business of tricking people for money.

Is a contract required?

We don’t have any lawyers working here. There is no contract. You may start and stop our service as needed. We just ask that you give us 24 hour notice before any scheduled service.

What do you do with all the pet waste you collect?

Why, do you want some? We follow EPA guidelines for dog waste disposal by sending it to a landfill. We would love to compost, but because dog waste can have parasites, it cannot be composted in the same way cow and horse manure can. If you have suggestions, please reach out to us.

What do you mean by "Satisfaction Guaranteed"?

We always strive for 100%, but we are only human. If we miss some waste, just let us know and we will make things right with you. Your feedback only makes us better and promise, nobody here gets yelled at.

Do you take holidays off?

We sure do! We love a day off just like everyone else. We do not work on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. But you still get your service. During weeks with holidays, service is either moved back one day or moved forward one day.

What if you cannot get into my yard?

If we are unable to access your yard, we will attempt to contact you for a resolution (knock at door or call). If we cannot reach you, we will skip your service and try and reschedule when possible.

If my gate is locked, how will you get in?

If you like to keep your gate locked all of the time, just let us know. We have several solutions to make that work. We will not jump a fence because we don’t want your neighbor calling the cops on us.

How do you maintain such a high level of service?

Because this is what we do and we are serious about being the best option for dog waste management in Ohio. We have been doing this for almost a decade and have learned the importance of delivering on our promise. When you are happy, so are we. And when everyone is happy, our business grows.

I need a vet sample. What do I do?

Just let us know 24 hours before your service and we will bag a sample for you and leave it in a convenient place for you.


When is payment required?

Payment is required at the beginning of each month. We love what we do, but money also motivates us.

How do I pay for service?

We like to have a credit card on file, but have been known to make a few exceptions.

What happens if my payment method on file is declined?

We will contact you to update your form of payment. If we don’t hear back from you in a reasonable amount of time, we will suspend your service and maybe return all the dog poop.


Do you operate in winter?

Does your dog stop pooping in the winter? We operate all year long in all weather conditions (and this being Cleveland and Akron, we sometimes see all those weather conditions in one day).

Why would I keep this service in the winter?

Because we live in Northeast Ohio and get snow melts all winter long. The last thing you want is your dog tracking through a yard full of soggy poop before they come back in the house. So the advantage of keeping us cleaning all winter long means that when that snow does defrost several times per winter, we are there cleaning up that mess. We also keep it from accumulating by cleaning up whatever we can each week. Its’ the best way to keep the cleanest yard all winter and also avoid the dreaded spring cleanup.


Do you run a background check on your employees?

We sure do. Nobody here wants to work with a bunch of creeps. We also make sure they are very friendly and likable because we don’t want to work with jerks either.


Does your business have insurance?

Yes. We are fully covered and then some. Our insurance guy sold us the platinum package.

Still have questions?

We are here to help.

Our 6-Step Process

Easy Pet takes care of your dog's business in 7 simple steps.

1. Schedule

Choose the timing that's right for you. Bi-Weekly, Weekly, One-time...

2. Clean

A uniformed EasyPet™ technician arrives in one of our company-branded trucks and removes all dog waste in your yard.

3. Take Away

No poo left behind. We collect waste in biodegradable bags and dispose of it at our facility. We don’t ask you to throw it away! Gross!

4. Secure

We make sure all gates are closed and latched before we leave, ensuring your pets safety.

5. Notify

We notify you if we see anything unusual or unhealthy about the stool.

6. Prevent

Safety is our priority. Every time we complete a yard, we clean our equipment to ensure nothing gets carried to our next service call.