Winter Policy

Our Winter Policy

Think of Easy Pet’s service like a subscription. You pay a monthly subscription fee to put us in charge of cleaning up your dog’s waste. In return we commit to keeping to the schedule you chose. Weather permitting, we will come out on your regularly scheduled day and clean up all accessible waste - even when there is snow on the ground. Yes, the snow may be covering up waste, but by keeping to our regular schedule, we keep your yard as clean as possible each visit and, eventually, get to all of the waste in a timely manner. This means we may not do all of the work this week because of the snow, but we will make up that work and spend extra time cleaning on a future visit. We don’t charge you more on the days there is extra work for the same reason you are not charged less on days where we can’t get to everything. We believe this is a mutually beneficial arrangement. However, if we have to miss two visits in a month due to fresh snow, we will discount the monthly rate by 15%.